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gallery - shallow serving pieces
This category includes plates, platters, large shallow bowls, veggie-and-dips and even a ball-bearing-supported Lazy Susan. All products have food-safe finishes.

Curly Maple large platter
This one could be hard to mail!
2" high x 18.5" diameter
(5cm high x 47cm diameter)
$170 (CDN)

Spalted curly Maple veg 'n' dip
3.5" high x 17" diameter
(9cm high x 43cm diameter)
$175 (CDN)

Curly Maple platter
1.5" high x 16.5" diameter
(4cm high x 42cm diameter)
$120 (CDN)

Live-edge birdseye Maple wine bottle coaster
Reversible for use as a cheese board
10.25" long x 6.75" wide x 0.75" thick
(26cm long x 17cm wide x 2cm thick)
$45 (CDN)

Curly Maple platter
2.5" high x 16" diameter
(6.5cm high x 40.5cm diameter)
$140 (CDN)

Western Red Cedar Burl lazy susan
Shown with Spalted Maple shakers
16.75" diameter x 1" thick
(42.5cm diameter x 2.5cm thick)
$100 (CDN)

Hemlock Burl shallow bowl/plate
2.5" high x 12" diameter
(6.5cm high x 30.5cm diameter)
$75 (CDN)

Birdseye Maple oblong dish
Perfect for French bread!
22.5" long x 6.5" wide x 1.75" high
(57cm long x 16.5cm wide x 4.5cm high)
$165 (CDN)

Curly Maple small oblong serving dish
1.25" high x 18" long x 6.5" wide
(3cm high x 45.5cm long x 16.5cm wide)
$110 (CDN)

Birdseye Douglas Fir burl platter
2" high x 14.5" diameter
(5cm high x 37cm diameter)
$150 (CDN)

Curly Maple large oblong serving dish
2" high x 23" long x 9.5" wide
(5cm high x 58.5cm long x 24cm wide)
$145 (CDN)

Curly birdseye Maple shallow medium-sized bowl
2.5" high x 11.75" diameter
(6.5cm high x 30cm diameter)
$80 (CDN)

Interior of above shallow bowl
$80 (CDN)

Live-edge birdseye Maple wine bottle coaster
7.25" long x 7" wide x 0.75" thick
(18.5cm long x 18cm wide x 2cm thick)
$40 (CDN)

Live-edge spalted birdseye Yellow Cedar wine bottle coaster
9.75" long x 9.75" wide x 0.75" thick
(25cm long x 25cm wide x 2cm thick)
$48 (CDN)
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